Routes & Fleet

The Cessna Citation X is the fastest business jet in the world with a top speed of March.92 able to fly at over 50,000 ft. With one of the most aesthetically pleasing and spacious cabins for any Citation aircraft there has been no compromise on luxury and comfort.
8 fully reclining wide-body club seats allows passengers to sleep comfortably on long flights whilst the standing cabin accommodates one flight attendant for optimal service. Its numerous amenities from a hot galley, multiple LCD screens, iPads and bed configurations allows the Citation X to be the ultimate combination of comfort, range and speed. As a Citation aircraft it is also amongst a fleet of the safest business jets in the world solidifying its position as one of Cessna’s most impressive aircraft.


Passenger Capacity                  8
Crew                                                  2 Captains & 1 Service Manager
Cabin Length                                25.2 ft
Cabin Width                                 5.6 ft
Cabin Height                                5.8 ft
Baggage Capacity                     775 lbs
Cruising Speed                           527 knots
Maximum Range                       3,242 nm
Ceiling                                             51,000 ft
Approx Max Flight Time       5 hours