Routes & Fleet

The Cessna Citation Bravo is a fuel efficient light jet able to perform trips like Bangkok to Chennai non-stop. Outperforming its predecessor with climb, cruise and altitude speed, whilst possessing excellent short-runway capabilities, this extremely versatile jet is able to take you to a large number of airports not accessible by many aircraft with ease. Notwithstanding its performance, the Citation Bravo manages to accommodate up to 7 passengers comfortably. It is complete with amenities including: power sockets, stowable work-tables, on-board monitors, hot & cold refreshments center as well as having numerous baggage compartments. It truly epitomizes the balance between cost and performance.


Passenger Capacity                  7
Crew                                                 2 Captains
Cabin Length                               20.11 ft
Cabin Width                                4.10 ft
Cabin Height                               4.8 ft
Baggage Capacity                    1,150 lbs
Cruising Speed                          402 knots
Maximum Range                      1,744 nm
Approx Max Flight Time       4 hours